My favourite bag

The 2021 Seasons best Christmas gift is a stylish product that eliminates frustration in style.... 


Have you found yourself digging through your make up bag endlessly to find the one thing thats always at the bottom, only to pull it out and make room for the next product you'll need at the bottom of you bag? 

Perhaps, you have a shared bathroom, and carry your skincare in and out daily not leaving clutter behind?

Or traveling and need a bag that's strong, scratch resistant, and waterproof but still want something classy that doesn't feel like a dated shower cap? 

Maybe you just like a clean bathroom counter or dresser in your room?

This is the bag for you and let me tell you, I have put so much effort into these bags to get them just right for you, so they stand the test of time and offer you the following:      

FIND WHAT YOU NEED INSTANTLY   -   Makeup clutter is frustrating and a waste precious time during the morning routine. Make the morning routine quick and easy with "The Display Station Makeup Bag". Simply open the bag by loosening the draw strings and lay it flat. Now, all your contents are on display!   

WATERPROOF   -  Yep - I tweaked the bag, call it custom designing just for you, and me, I know right, I was just as fussy with these bags as I am with your eyebrows, but its worth it. I upgraded the outer lining so its now tougher and waterproof! This means that your contents are protected from nasty spills and wet sink areas, wether your caravanning around Aus or simply using it at home keeping the bench tops clutter free, your safe!   

MINIMALIST LIVING  -  Like to keep your bench tops at home clutter free but want your makeup laid out to use? The open display feature means you can pull the compact bag out of your draw lay it out flat on the dresser wide open, seeing everything, while you do your make up!

Then pack away with one motion and your instantly back to a show home presentation, like you were never even there! 

TIME SAVING  -  Get into your day strait away with the instant pack away feature. With everything placed on the open makeup bag after use just pull the draw string to close! No more packing away one by one.

HYGIENIC  -  Waterproof and washable so you can avoid the harmful bacteria that 9/10 unwashed makeup contain. Being waterproof it's completely safe to give a wipe over with a wet cloth. 

Not only did I upgrade the material on this bag I replaced the zipper making sure that it was a quality zip with strong teeth and good stitching. These little things are what makes this bag quality, so you can get on with living life in the moment, and don't miss a thing!

These bags are perfect to help you get organised, they make the perfect Christmas gift for the young and old! My neighbours even bought a stack for their caravan adventures.

They are made for you with love and care and I really hope you love them as much as me!