What is my face shape?

Identifying our face shape is necessary to determine the correct eyebrow shape, correct contouring and the right blush application for our face. 

We need to take a moment and get to know ourselves, so that we can highlight our strengths. In this blog, we’re going to discover our face shape and learn how to do our blush!

The 7 basic face shapes are heart, oval, round, square, diamond, pear and oblong. I’m going to outline the basis of each of these shapes to help you determine which you are. 

Before we start remember to pull your hair back to reveal the natural hairline, this will make it easier to identify your face shape. 

HEART - The bone structure of the heart shaped face has a wide forehead tapering to a pointed chin. The cheekbones are often the widest part of the face. The hair line often has a v that dips down in the centre. 

Blush for this face shape looks great applied just under the cheekbone in an upwards and outwards motion towards the temples. 

OVAL -  The oval face shape is longer than it is wide. The chin is nicely rounded at a similar angle to the forehead, giving this face shape an even balanced symmetry.

Blush for this face shape should draw attention to the cheekbones by shading just below the cheekbone and highlighting on top. 

ROUND -  The bones structure of the round face shape is wider than it is long. It is clearly rounded with the widest point of the face being the cheeks.

Blush will look amazing applied in the shape of a triangle with the base of the triangle running parallel to the ear. 

SQUARE - The square face shape has an equally broad forehead and jawline, which is rather angular.

Blush is often flattering applied under the cheekbone outward and upwards towards the temples.

DIAMOND - The diamond face has a narrow forehead, wider cheekbones and tapers to a narrow chin.

Blush should be applied to the fullness of the cheek which will attract attention to the centre of the face and flatter this shape nicely. 

PEAR - The pear shaped face has a narrow forehead, with wider cheekbones and jaw.

Blush may be applied to the apple of the cheeks or applied in an upwards motion towards the temple along the cheekbone. 

OBLONG - The oblong face shape is characterised as long and narrow, the face tapers to an angular jawline that flows on to a pointed chin.

Blush is flattering blended along the cheekbone outwards toward to ear.

Now that you know your face shape, try playing with some blush at home to see which pattern of blush highlights your strengths. Try doing your blush incorrectly as well so you can see the difference it makes!   

If you are still not sure which face shape you have, get in touch with me, post a comment or send me picture and we can work it out together.