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Omega Tonic

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Osaine Omega tonic is a refreshing lotion that gently moisturises the skin. When other Hydrating tonics are not enough for your skin the Omega Tonic steps in. 

This product targets 

  1. Delicate skin
  2. Fragile skin
  3. Skin toughened due to harsh climatic conditions
  4. Skin subject to tightness and frequent peeling due to conditions such as aging etc.

The above skin conditions require specific treatments ensuring adequate moisturise to restore comfort.

Skin often develops concealed inflammations due to many causes including the sun, harsh cleansers and pollution, the result is often a reduction of cellular cohesion and accelerated dehydration. OSAiNE tonic contains 

  • A high Gulf Stream water content that restores the balance of minerals and ions in the skin.
  • Algae plankton
  • Phaedactylum Tricornotum extract
  • Omegaplankton®)provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

Osaine Omegatonic Hydrating Tonic Application

On perfectly cleansed skin, apply to the face and neck. Pat gently.